When it comes to planning an event, it all starts with a clear, solid vision. Getting into a client’s head, figuring out what’s most important for her and then consistently striving towards it—that’s what great service is.

Getting your team to understand this is key.

At Forums, we require every employee to hang a vision board over their desks. They’re asked to post up pictures and meaningful words that represent their individual goals and also the goals they’d like to achieve for our company and for their clients. This one simple exercise is constantly motivating us, whether or not we’re aware of it.

Just as it is important to have a vision in our personal lives, it’s important for businesses who regularly want to be a step ahead of the competition, to understand who they are, what’s most important and what they want.

A lot of people ask us how we’ve managed to keep growing even during tough times. The key to making it work, is to hold onto the inspiration that drives us and not give up until it comes true.

And this is what helps us pave the way for success.