We’re a regional agency, which means we have to be in several countries at the same time, on any given day. The #1 question we’re asked by new clients is, “do you have a local agency in each country?” Our answer is, simply, no. Why would you want to hire an agency that has to hire another agency?

We approach it differently. We rely on a network of in-country event coordinators who we work with on a per-project basis. Most have been with us since our founding and all are committed to go above and beyond in achieving successful events.

As an important member of our planning team, an in-country coordinator not only executes the vision and plan that we’ve turned over to her but she also keeps us up to date on local trends, hot venues and best of breed vendors. And when a client requires it, she’s there to meet with them one-on-one.

How do we ensure that our in-country coordinators are truly our local eyes? In one word, Skype. Around here, it’s not unusual to see a video conference of a site inspection or of an event set up in progress.

Near or far, we all work together to provide our clients with a quality experience.